Our History is the Future Book Tour Dates

This is what history as Ghost Dance looks like.
– Sandy Grande, Red Pedagogy

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Feb. 7: AISA, University of New Mexico
with John Little, Clementine Bordeaux, Elise Boxer, Sarah Manning, Lewis Grassrope
10:45 AM – SUB Lobo A & B
Albuquerque, NM

Feb. 25: St. Francis Indian School
Decolonizing Native Education
12 PM
Rosebud, South Dakota

Feb. 26: Cooper Union
7 PM
New York City, NY

Mar. 4: Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY

Mar. 5: Community Bookstore
with Audra Simpson
7 PM
Brooklyn, NY


Mar. 6: The People’s Forum
Racial Capitalism Working Group, The People’s Forum, Verso
6:30 PM
New York, NY

Mar. 9: Oberlin College
Department of Politics
with Charmaine Chua, Jakeet Singh, Rob Nichols, Shiri Pasternak
Oberlin, OH

Mar. 11: Toronto Public Library
Toronto, ON

Mar. 12: University of Manitoba 
Departments of Environment, Geography, Labour Studies and Native Studies, Indigenous Students Association
Winnipeg, MB

Mar. 12: Millennium Library
7 PM
Winnipeg, MB

Mar. 13: University of Saskatchewan
College of Medicine Health Equity
12:30 PM
Saskatoon, SK

Mar. 13: Station 20 West Community Center
College of Medicine’s Indigenous Health Committee; the College of Medicine’s Social Accountability Division; Indigenous Students’ Council; and the Treaty 6 Justice Collective (‘The Stand’)
7 PM
Saskatoon, SK

Mar. 14: Regina, SK

Mar 21: Red Planet Books
Albuquerque, NM

Mar. 28: KPFA
with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
7:30 PM
Berkeley, CA

Apr. 5: American Association of Geographers
with Kai Bosworth, Andrew Curley, Shiri Pasternak, Khury Petersen-Smith
5 PM
Washington, D.C.

Apr. 27: Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

May 6: University of Washington – Bothell
with Ivonne Swan
Bothell, WA

May 7: Red May
Seattle, WA

May 8: Middle East Children’s Alliance
Berkeley, CA

Jun. 26: NAISA, University of Waikato
with Sandy Grande, Philip Deloria, Julian Brave NoiseCat, Clementine Bordeaux, Kristen Simmons
Hamilton, New Zealand

Oct. 16: Western History Association
with Maria John, Kristen Simmons, Kevin Bruyneel, Andrew Curley
Las Vegas, NV